Four Easy Ways to Beautify Your Flower Bed

One of the best parts of spring and summer is having a bright, colorful garden, filled with sweet-smelling blooms. However, keeping our gardens looking their best does require some effort. Here are a few ways to beautify your flower bed throughout the growing season.

Define the SpaceFlower bed design here in La Grange, KY is a fun way to add a pop of color to your lawn.

The first step to a perfect flower bed: Build the bed itself. Do some space planning before you plant, and decide what shape and size you’d like your flower beds to be. Your planning will depend on how much outdoor space you have to work with, what part of your home gets the best light, and what types of flowers and foliage you’ll be planting. Additionally, based on the types of plants you choose, you’ll also need to consider which types of soil to use in your beds.

Pick Your Plants Wisely

Now comes the fun part — choosing the plants you’ll enjoy throughout the season. To pick the perfect plants, you’ll want to do a little bit of research. Flowers that are native to your area will do the best in your garden and be easier to maintain. Some plants are simply harder to grow than others though, so you’ll want to consider how green your thumbs is when you select your flowers.

You also want to choose the flowers you love! The most beautiful flower beds boast a wide variety. Think lots of colors, different heights, and different types of plants when it comes to filling your beds. Maybe you prefer the wild English garden style or a more manicured look. Head to Pinterest for inspiration, or download a garden planning app to create your perfect flower bed.

Set Up an Automatic Watering SystemA drip irrigation system is the best way to water your flower bed without watering the weeds here in Louisville, KY.

For your flower beds to really thrive, they’ll need regular and thorough watering. If you don’t have the time to tend to them as often as they need, set up a watering system. As different flowers require different amounts of water, a watering system will allow you to set timers, so you know each type of plant is getting exactly what it needs. You can find affordable drip irrigation systems at any hardware store. They’re easy to install, will save you a lot of time and give you a little extra peace of mind whenever you travel during the summer.

Flower Bed Weed Prevention

Nothing ruins a garden like unwanted weeds. Not only do weeds look messy, but they steal all the valuable nutrients from your flowers. Practice flower bed weed prevention regularly, and when you do, make sure to get the whole weed, so it doesn’t grow back. For added protection, lay down a black weed barrier cloth, followed by bark mulch to keep weeds under control.

Farison Lawn Care’s flower bed weed control solutions can help beautify your beds and gardens. Contact us today at (502) 245-9422 for more information.