Give the Gift of Green With a Lawn Care Program From Farison Lawn Care

Here at Farison Lawn Care, we feel like we’ve found the perfect gift for the holiday season: a comprehensive lawn care program. Giving the gift of a lush and healthy lawn while keeping the weeds away is perfect for someone who just wants to enjoy their lawn. Whether they have no time, no energy, or no desire to do their own lawn care, a lawn care holiday gift is perfect for someone you love. You may even want it for yourself! Here are a couple of reasons to choose the gift of green from Farison Lawn Care this holiday season.

Get Your Schedule Before the Spring Rush

Giving or receiving a lawn care holiday gift means you won’t have to worry about setting up your schedule in the spring. You’ll get ahead of the springtime rush, giving you peace of mind to know that your lawn will be getting the care it deserves. Waiting until the spring may mean that you’ll miss the first couple weeks of greening up. The gift of a lawn care program this holiday season will set you up to receive your first treatment as soon as possible, ensuring your lawn gets an early boost to the year. This will set your lawn up for a year of success.

Proper Weed Control for a Beautiful Lawn

Give the gift of green with consistent weed control through a lawn care program from Farison Lawn Care.
One of the main things that people want out of their lawn care is weed control. Achieving a weed-free lawn is the goal of homeowners everywhere. Not only are weeds an eyesore, bringing down the curb appeal of a lawn, they’re also detrimental to the health of the lawn. Weeds use up the resources that would otherwise go to the grass, preventing the grass from getting what it needs. Weeds also grow quickly, stealing space and sunlight from the grass around it. Overall, weeds bring down the health and beauty of every lawn.

Give the gift of green with a lawn care holiday gift from Farison Lawn Care. You’ll receive persistent weed control throughout the year, keeping the lawn healthy and beautiful. Seasonal applications will ensure weeds can’t find a foothold in the lawn. Pre-emergent herbicide applications will prevent weed seeds from sprouting while post-emergent herbicides will take care of the weeds that manage to sprout. In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy your weed-free lawn all year long.

Feeding Your Lawn, The Right Way

Ensuring the lawn is properly and consistently fed is essential to the health and beauty of every lawn. With the gift of a Farison lawn care program, the lawn will be fed the proper nutrients at the perfect time. Having a solid year of consistent fertilization gives the lawn a strong and healthy foundation to grow from. Well-timed fertilization will help the lawn grow strong, stay green, and offer protection from insect infestations and lawn disease.

Here at Farison Lawn Care, our lawn care program provides 6 treatments throughout the year. The first two, in the spring, help the lawn green up after winter dormancy. The next two, in the summer, help the lawn continue growing while protecting it from seasonal stress. The final two treatments, in the fall, will help give the roots a boost in preparation for the winter ahead.

Looking for more than just lawn care? Farison Lawn Care has an assortment of exceptional services that are perfect for just about everyone.

Give a Lawn Care Holiday Gift From Farison Lawn Care This Year

A lawn care holiday gift from Farison Lawn Care is one of the best gifts to give this year. Providing someone you love with the ability to kick back and just enjoy their beautiful lawn all year is something that most homeowners would enjoy. Our 6-Step Treatment Plan is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Give the gift of green this holiday season.

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