The Best of Basics for Your Lawn Care

Your garden and lawn can say a lot about you and your style. The exterior of your home or business is the first impression a client or friend will have of you. Knowing this, it’s crucial that you take the time to make your lawn care a priority. This will make a lasting impact on your home’s investment value. 

A lot of time, energy, and resources go into making your turf and landscaping look attractive to whoever may see it. Your lawn is the largest focal point of your yard. Part of keeping both your lawn and garden healthy is taking actions against weed control. Every aspect of your landscaping works together, keeping everything healthy is part of the process. Learning how to do this effectively can transform your turf, garden, and greenery.

It’s pretty difficult to do that though when your entire lawn is infested with weeds, insects, or you have not taken the time to learn how and when to use a good fertilizer on your grass. Keep reading to gain all the knowledge on how to implement excellent basic lawn care to create a green oasis in your front yard.


Effective Weed Controlweed control being sprayed on a lawn

As a great preventative measure, using weed control treatments for your lawn and soil is one of the best actions that can be taken to encourage a healthy lawn to grow continuously. Generally, property owners will apply four to six treatments throughout the warm season to treat weeds. These are applied once or twice in the spring, with usually a pre-emergent treatment. Then again in the summer, with a post-emergent treatment. Another application happens once more when the leaves begin to fall from the trees — allowing your lawn to be prepared to fight off winter troubles.


Covering All Your Bases

With systemic treatments, the threats posed to your soil and overall lawn care will be significantly lowered. Having various treatments of fertilizer applied throughout the season can help make your home look as fresh and as up to date as possible. With a clean and attractive lawn, your home or property can be the hotspot of your neighborhood.


The Golden Rule: Fertilizer is Your Friendfertilizer being spread by hand

Your garden and lawn need an ideal environment to thrive in, which begins with the soil they grow from. With a bug infestation or untreated weeds, the environment you have always been working to create can easily be stripped away. The use of fertilizer will give your soil the boost it needs to keep actively providing what your turf needs. 


When to Call for Help from Farison Lawn Care

It’s important that these applications are done right, and at the proper times. This will allow for the fertilizer and other treatments to work best! If you decide you’ll need the help of some lawn care experts, Farison Lawn Care is here for you. 

If you are ready to call Farison Lawn Care experts for help, we are available by phone at (502) 245-9422. If you are interested in learning more about us or all of the services we provide surrounding your plant health care, you can visit our site’s service page. You also have the option of contacting us directly on our site or looking us up on social media platforms, such as our Facebook page.