Keeping Up With Your Trees in Kentucky

Choosing to have one, two, or even more than a few trees installed in your landscaping can create an entirely new look for your home. It might be just what you needed this summer, and it can brighten up a garden. Adding trees to your landscaping can even boost your curb appeal and greatly increase your return on investment for your home. 


In Kentucky, there are many beautiful common trees like the American Linden, Chestnut Oak, Common Witchhazel, Eastern Hemlock, Sycamore, Yellow Buckeye, and so many more. But all of these beautiful trees will require care to make sure they are safe from the long list of outdoor elements that could significantly damage their ability to reach full potential, or even cause them to die at the peak of their beauty.


Don’t let this information scare you off! Knowledge is power, and once you know enough about an issue like this one, protecting your trees doesn’t seem like such a hard task to take on. Between dormant oil treatments, insect inspection, disease and insect control, deep root fertilization, and the many other options for tree care, your garden and yard can be well taken care of and kept in insect damage to a treeperfect shape all year long. 


Inspecting for Insects

Pests can do some serious damage. But if you catch them before they get a chance too, your trees shouldn’t have to suffer. Creating a routine of inspecting your trees for insect infestation can help save your trees from harmful pests and bugs. When you are out there looking for an insect problem, keep an eye out for insects that may be attacking the trees from the roots and stealing the nutrients your trees need to thrive. Great tree care starts at the roots, so never underestimate the necessity of checking these and acting accordingly. 


Disease and Insect Control

Naturally, after inspecting your landscape’s trees for insects, you might find them and see yourself needing extra tree care. Before going about this, you will want to identify exactly which insects are invading your beautiful outdoor green space and target them specifically. Whether it be June bugs, a grub problem, bagworms, or any of the other harmful insects that can ruin the health and wellness of your trees, great tree care will include an individualized treatment for your trees. 


Deep Root FertilizationDying leaves on a tree

As we mentioned earlier, excellent tree care does start at the root. If you think about it, anything that is truly wonderful has good roots. So the need to care for the roots of your trees and shrubs shouldn’t be a surprise. Now it might prove a bit harder to know exactly how to treat the roots. Regular fertilizer normally sits on top of your lawn, but deep root fertilization penetrates the grass and roots and feeds them from the ground under. This allows them to fully absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer, whereas the nutrients from regular fertilizer may be washed away before it has a chance to get to the roots. This process proves to be best for tree care, creating strong, vibrant, tall trees. 


Need a Professional Assessment? Farison Lawn Care is Here for You

Here at Farison, we have a team of trained professionals who have a solution for every tree care issue you might have. If you are unsure of a problem but know that something is off, you can call us to assess your trees and shrubs before creating a full plan for your tree care. 

When you are ready to let the professionals take over, Farison can be reached at (502) 245-9422 or on our contact page to request a free quote! If you want to learn a little more about us, you can find us on Facebook to get to know us.