Fight Off Mosquitoes and Take Back Your Yard

Summertime is supposed to be filled with fun and a lot of adventure, but it can easily be completely ruined when you are outside being surrounded by mosquitoes that seem like that are impossible to escape. Many people find mosquitoes simply irritating, and they are. However, many fail to remember the issues that come with mosquito bites. 

Whether it’s a bonfire, a barbeque, or a sunset walk…these things all come with more risk than you would initially imagine. It won’t just be mosquito bites that turn into scars, it can be something more dangerous like West Nile Virus or Eastern Equine Encephalitis which can be far more difficult to deal with. 

So it’s important to prepare yourself with the knowledge to combat mosquitoes before they gather and get out of hand on your property. standing water in a jar


Where Do Mosquitoes like to Breed?

Taking care of mosquitoes at their favorite breeding spots by eliminating them can be one of the most effective methods of combating them. So, in this case, standing water will be your mortal enemy. Almost any water that sits for more than a few moments will begin to attract insects like mosquitoes to lay their eggs and get started. 

Unfortunately, it’s a quick process. About a week after they are laid, the eggs hatch and are lurking adults ready to bite. Taking away the place that they breed can greatly reduce the chance that the exterior of your home will be infested. It’s important to check places like flower pots, buckets, rain collectors, standing water on your lawn, pool areas, water features, and clogged gutters. 


How Do I Steer Clear of Mosquitoes?

When you enter the mosquito world, which is anywhere they can live, you won’t want to make yourself the center of their attention. Mosquitoes have various ways of detecting human bodies that they seek blood from, and there are ways other than avoiding the outdoors to steer clear of them. 

One way that you can do this is to keep away from wearing dark clothing because it will attract the sun, causing more sweat, which will allow mosquitoes to smell you much easier. For the same reason, avoid heavy drinking, as alcohol causes excessive sweating. Another way to keep them away from you is to cut back on your scented products in your hair, detergent, or body spray. Believe it or not, they are attracted to sweet smells, just like humans are.lavender spray


What Are Some Natural Remedies?

Something you might try to keep some of the mosquitoes in your yard at bay is essential oils like rosemary, lavender, peppermint, neem, marigold, basil, lemongrass, lemon balm, garlic, and catnip. These smells specifically work as a short-term repellent for mosquitoes. 


Having Prolonged Mosquito Issues? Call Farison Lawn Care for Help!

Our clients can call us out to assess their outdoor space and create a mosquito control program that is just for you. Every area will be different and will have a different level of insect issues, so we assess the property before making any decisions to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

You can give us a call at (502) 245-9422, or you can reach out to us to request a quote here. Farison Lawn Care is even on Facebook to give you a deeper look into what we’re doing.