Fall Lawn Care: Aeration and Overseeding Practices

With autumn comes the excitement of cider mills, apple picking, colors changing, and even Halloween movies. All of this can change a person’s priorities. But forgetting about prepping your lawn for the winter can be a forgotten priority with long-term effects you may not realize yet. When you, as a home or property owner, put your lawn care needs aside, you are setting your lawn up to fail with the next warm-season. Farison Lawn Care recommends being overly prepared by never letting your grass get to a point of no return!

Since our team wants to ensure that every client knows how to care for their lawn every season, let’s start with the one we are currently experiencing. We are going to walk through why, how, and when you should aerate and overseed your turf.

Aeration: How To and Best Practicesgrass overseeding

Many of our clients ask questions like why we recommend aeration. We recommend aeration for one main reason, soil compaction.  Compact soil occurs from the regular, common use of lawns like children and pets playing or enjoying a nice backyard barbecue. Whatever the cause, compact soil blocks nutrients from the water, fertilizer, and air that are meant to flow through your soil to encourage growth and overall lawn health.

Once you have determined that your lawn does have compact soil, your next step is to aerate. This process is when you make holes about one to six inches deep into your soil, allowing it to loosen. Loose soil will have better airflow and be more prepared to accept the nutrients from water and fertilizer or seed that you are giving it.

Overseeding: How To and Best Practices

Once you aerate, your lawn will be incredibly prepared for overseeding practices. While you don’t necessarily have to aerate before overseeding, it will be easier for your turf and soil to absorb the nutrients this way. You will know if you need to overseed your turf when you are experiencing some patchiness, sparse lawn, and even some light green or discolored spots on your lawn that will not turn into the deep green you desire, no matter how hard you try.

Don’t Forget to Call Farison Lawn Care for Aeration and Overseeding This Season!

The experts at Farison Lawn Care will be able to ensure that your lawn and landscaping are well kept and ready to withstand the harsh winter weather that could be awaiting. Why take time out of your day to worry about it when our seasoned and trained professionals can ensure that it gets done and done, right? Exactly you shouldn’t! So give us a call today and forget about the stress!

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