The Farison Family Legacy

Family owned since 1971

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With over 50 years of experience in the lawn care industry, we’ve seen it all. We know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive and look its best year-round.



We ensure all our technicians are licensed and qualified; this means you can trust that whoever is on your lawn is sure to be both knowledgeable and skillful.

Family Owned

Family Owned

Started by brothers Sam and Dan Farison in the early 70s, Farison Lawn Care has a rich history of investing in Louisville and its neighboring areas.



In 1971, brothers Dan and Sam Farison turned their passion for lawn care into something special. They joined together to pursue their dream of building a lawn care company to serve their Louisville, Kentucky community. They created a family-owned and operated business dedicated to professionalism and quality for each and every client visit and lawn application. This commitment is why Farison Lawn Care continues to provide the highest level of service to its valued customers more than five decades later.

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Jessica McCorkle
Parker Farison
Vice President
Scott McCorkle
Operations Manager
Kylie Kelty
Secretary and Treasurer

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Looking to join a dynamic and thriving team while developing a valuable skillset? Farison Lawn Care is for you! Core family values and rich history make Farison the perfect next step for your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the service auto-renew from season to season?

Yes! For your convenience, service continues from season to season. For a change in service, please call our office.

How do I make a payment?

You can pay online at, or by phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You can also mail a check or money order.

How long should I (or my pets) stay off my lawn after the application?

About one hour, to allow any liquid products to dry. The technician will note the time/date of the application on the invoice for reference.

Will rain harm my application?

No! Rain is beneficial for granular fertilizer. Liquid applications require a one-hour dry time, and rain does not decrease efficiency.

How often should I mow my lawn?

We recommend mowing at least one time a week, or as soon as it needs mowing. Never remove more than a third of the leaf blade.

How often will I receive Lawn Care applications?

Applications are anywhere from four to eight weeks apart, sometimes longer depending on different factors.

Why do I have moss?

Moss is a shallow-rooted plant that spreads by spores and does not harm the lawn. You will find moss colonies in moist, dark areas. There is nothing we can apply to moss to kill it.

Can violets be killed?

Violets are very difficult to control. There is no product on the market that will eradicate them, but we can shrink the foliage after consistent applications. Please call the office if you wish to discuss violets in detail.

Is seeding included in the lawn care program?

No. We offer seeding upon request at an additional cost. There is typically a wait list for seeding due to high demand.

Are the chemicals applied to my lawn safe?

All of our products are registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for residential and commercial properties. We apply the product at the proper rate, as recommended by the manufacturers.

Why do I have weeds?

Weed control is a continual effort, as regrowth is normal and expected. Once weed control is applied, it will take two weeks and two mowings to be fully effective. The Broadleaf weed control application comes with a 30-day warranty to help any regrowth that may occur. Please call the office if weeds become a problem!

How long do I have to wait to mow or water my lawn?

At least one hour.

How often should I water my lawn?

Watering the lawn is very important and highly encouraged. It’s best to water two to three mornings a week with a goal of watering about a half an inch per watering session. The lawn needs 1 1/2 inches of water a week to thrive! Avoid watering at night, as it encourages disease growth, such as brown patch disease. Lawns are resilient and will go dormant (turn brown and stop growing) during dry periods if not watered properly, then green up with adequate moisture.

How high should I mow my lawn?

We recommend 3 inches.

Why do I have mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a fungus that grows in moist, shaded areas where there is decaying matter in the soil, such as tree roots, leaves, animal waste, and other organic matter. There is nothing we can apply to kill/prevent mushrooms. We recommend kicking the heads off, or mowing over them. Mushrooms are actually an indication of healthy soil!

Will Grub Control help with moles?

No. The mole’s main diet is the earthworm, so eradicating the grubs will not stop the moles. Trapping is the most effective way of controlling moles. We recommend Grub Control solely to prevent grub damage to turf, because grubs feed on the turf root system.

Does the lawn care program include weeds in my flower beds?

No. We do offer a Bed Weed Control program at a separate cost. Please call the office to request an estimate.