The Importance of Fall Tree Care in Louisville, Kentucky

October 25, 2021 | Tree & Shrub Care | Kylie Kelty

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Among all the things on your fall to-do list, you should always make room for fall tree care. Trees are precious resources that we need to protect. In your yard your trees provide a host of benefits; They provide much-needed shade in the summer and they clean the air. Trees are meant to last for generations and they can even increase your property value. They offer a place to live for many species of birds and squirrels.

Here in Kentucky, trees in our yards are not protected by other trees like they are in the forest. This makes them vulnerable to pests, poor soil quality, and diseases. This is where you come in. The pros at Farison Lawn Care have provided a list of tips to help you with your fall tree care chores.

Apply New Mulch

It’s always a good idea to replenish your mulch in the fall to give roots an extra layer of protection against extreme temperatures. Mulch can also help sustain the moisture levels in the soil during the winter months. At least 2-3 inches of mulch is required to provide protection to your tree’s roots.

Feed Your Trees

In the fall, trees begin to focus on new root growth and start storing water and nutrients for winter. Your trees rely on these stores of food to help them green up in the spring. Applying fertilizer now will help your trees to store what they need for an extra boost next year. The best way to get fertilizer to your tree’s roots quickly so they can use it is with deep root fertilization. This method delivers fertilizer directly into the root system of your trees using high pressure. Deep root fertilization can increase the defenses of your trees and make them more resistant to drought, pests, and disease.

Wrap Your Trees With Wraps

During the spring and fall in Kentucky, our temperatures can swing wildly. Those huge swings can affect our trees too. The sudden freezing and thawing and thawing and freezing can cause the bark to crack, a condition known as sunscald. These can leave your trees with ugly permanent scars and an invitation for pests.

Dormant Oil

Trees are great for attracting birds but they can also attract swarms of pests that can cause real harm to your trees. Insects such as tent caterpillars, gypsy moths, mites, scale, aphids, and the newest member of the gang, the spotted lanternfly. In order to keep your trees safe from these pests, you need to apply dormant oil to them in the fall. Dormant oil is a substance that is sprayed on trees and coats any insect or egg that is residing there. The oil will smother eggs and kill adults, ensuring your trees can bloom in spring without the threat of being eaten.

Plant New Trees In The Fall

Lower temperatures of fall are ideal for planting new trees. This is the time of year when trees go dormant making them less susceptible to shock from transplanting. When you plant trees in the fall it gives them a chance to grow new roots and establish themselves before winter. This will give them a better chance in the spring.

Cut Vines Choking Your Trees

Vines can grow pretty fast here in Kentucky and some, such as kudzu,  can even cover entire trees in a single season. Kudzu is able to grow two inches a day under optimal conditions and is considered an invasive species. Vines have one mission, to climb as high as they can and get as much sun as possible. They achieve this by climbing up trees and blocking out all the sun, slowly suffocating the tree. Branches heavy with vines can break and damage the tree leaving it open for pests and disease. Before your vines get out of control it’s important to cut them at the end of each year. It is easier in the fall when all the foliage is gone and you can see the vines more clearly. Killing a vine is easy. All you do is search the base of your tree for the vine. Cut the vine as close to the soil as you can. This will kill the part of the vine in the tree. By next spring or summer, the vines will be sufficiently dried out where you can just pull them out by hand. Do not pull down poison ivy by hand unless you are wearing protective clothing. 

Hire The Professionals at Farison Lawn Care

At Farison Lawn Care, we have been providing our community with unmatched lawn care service for over 45 years. We have built a trust with our customers that keeps them returning year after year. Our tree and shrub care program is designed to keep your trees healthy and pest-free from spring through winter. At Farison you get friendly professionals that are also part of the community that takes the time to get to know and understand your yard before coming up with a treatment plan.

If you want a beautiful Kentucky lawn this year, then call the experts at Farison Lawn Care. Call us at (502) 245-9422 or request more information on our site.

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