Crabgrass Prevention With Pre-Emergents

March 21, 2023 | Lawn Care Management | Kylie Kelty

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Everyone who works on their lawn will eventually come across one of the most irritating things it can offer: crabgrass. Crabgrass can overtake your lawn, even going so far as to soak up all the nutrients in your soil, making it hard for anything else to grow. Worst of all, neglecting crabgrass only encourages more growth. For nearly every homeowner, this weed-like grass will be a problem at one time or another, and it’s essential to manage it as best you can before it becomes a problem bigger than you can handle. Luckily, lawn care products are getting better by the year. Some of the most effective improvements in crabgrass control are pre-emergent herbicides.


What Are Pre-Emergent Herbicides?

Primarily used for preventive crabgrass control and overall lawn health, pre-emergents aim specifically for crabgrass before it can take control. They work by forming a barrier in the soil that stops any future crabgrass seedlings from forming. In some cases, the pre-emergent will also contain lawn fertilization to help keep your lawn full of nutrients. The product is easy to apply and protects your lawn for about 3 months at a time.


How To Use Pre-Emergents

Pre-emergent herbicides come in either liquid or granular forms. For the granular types, you can use a hand spreader or similar tools to spread the pre-emergent across your lawn. After application, generously water your grass. You’ll have to use a hand sprayer for pre-emergents in liquid form. Even though this method is a little more difficult, you’ll get more value regarding lawn coverage. Pre-emergent herbicides should only be used on established lawns. The product won’t halt your lawn’s root growth, but it might cause some minor issues in newer lawns that haven’t been filled out yet.

Consider pre-emergents for your lawn service routine to keep it fresh and help prevent crabgrass. Our experts at Farison Lawn Care take your lawn seriously, ensuring that any services you require are done with the highest quality and efficiency. Whether your lawn needs fertilizing or crabgrass treatment, we’re ready and willing to give you the best solutions possible! Call today at (502) 245-9422!

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