Why You Should Consider Poison Ivy Control For Your Backyard

January 10, 2022 | Lawn Care Management | Kylie Kelty

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You might think that poison ivy is only a hazard for campers and backpackers. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Farison Lawn Care is proud to be one of the few lawn service companies to offer poison ivy control for homeowners. Attempting to dispose of this plant yourself could leave you with severely irritated skin that takes weeks to heal! Today, we’ll show you how to identify this common nuisance and why it’s best to leave removal to the experts.

Why You Should Leave Poison Ivy Removal To The Pros

Identifying Poison Ivy

While poison ivy prefers wooded areas, it’s not uncommon to find it near fences, ornamental planting beds, or other areas of your property – especially if your property is near deciduous forests. An easy trick for remembering what poison ivy looks like is this rhyme: leaves of three, leave me be. Poison ivy leaves grow in clusters of three that are alternately arranged on the stem. The leaves are shiny and are asymmetrically toothed along the edges, though leaf shape and texture are varied. As a general rule, be wary of creeping roots with three leaves. Poison ivy grows close to the ground, but it can also use trees as a trellis and wrap around trunks.

Effect Of Poison Ivy On Skin

What makes poison ivy so harmful is a toxin it produces called urushiol. It’s an oily substance that causes your skin to break out in a rash or even liquid-filled blisters. Unfortunately, it can take quite a long time before the rash appears – especially if you’ve never been exposed to this toxin before. The rash may appear in mere hours if you’ve had previous exposure. But if it’s your first exposure, it could take two or three weeks before a rash appears! The rash is accompanied by intense itching, leading to red and blistered skin. Generally, the rash will clear up in a few weeks. Some people are so sensitive to the substance they may develop a rash all over their body. And because urushiol is so clingy, you can be exposed by touching something like clothing – without ever coming in contact with the plant itself! Further, because poison ivy grows so close to the ground, you might not realize you’ve got a problem. Homeowners go about their regular lawn maintenance brush against poison ivy, not realizing it until their skin itches like mad. If you think you’ve been exposed to poison ivy, and are developing a rash, be sure to seek medical attention.

Controlling Poison Ivy

Cultural Control

If poison ivy has infested your yard, it’s possible to control it by repeatedly mowing it. The plant does not do well against repeated clippings. In addition to mowing over it repeatedly, you can dig it out by hand if it’s invaded your landscape beds. You’ll need thick, waterproof gloves to avoid exposure to the irritants. And you should always wash your hands thoroughly after handling the plant, just to be sure you’ve got all the oils off. You should also spray any eyeglasses or eye protection, wash clothes used during the removal, and scrub shoes with hot water and dish soap. The toxin is powerful and can cling to clothing well after initial contact. NEVER burn or compost poison ivy. The toxin can become airborne and lead to health problems. Bag up poison ivy in a heavy-duty trash bag and ensure it goes straight to the bin.

Mowing and digging is often just a temporary solution. One of the most common ways poison ivy gets into a yard is by sneaking over from a wooded area. So while mowing might solve the problem for the time being, if you really want to get rid of this pesky plant, you need something more effective.

Professional Control

The best way to control poison ivy is to leave it to the professionals. Even if you’re careful, there’s always a chance that ripping out poison ivy by hand will lead to exposure and consequently severe rashes. Instead, leave it to the pros at Farison Lawn Care. We have the knowledge, training, and protective equipment to spray and treat the poison ivy on your property so it dies off quickly, and you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space once again.

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Keep your family, friends, and pets safe from dangerous poison ivy! The professionals at Farison Lawn Care will assess your property and spray this harmful vegetation via our poison ivy control treatment. To learn more or schedule a consultation, you can reach us at (502) 245-9422 or contact us online here.

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