Residential & Commercial

Lawn, Tree, & Shrub Care Services

Family Owned Since 1971

Residential & Commercial

Lawn, Tree, & Shrub Care Services

Family Owned Since 1971

Lawn Fertilization Program

The Farison Lawn Care Program will enrich and maintain your
turf to create the lush lawn you desire.

Tree & Shrub Care

The addition of healthy trees and shrubs enhance the beauty and
enjoyment of your outdoor space.

All Services

We offer a variety of services specific to what you need to
enjoy your outdoor space.

Who We Are

It was in the early 70’s when brothers Dan and Sam Farison came together to form Farison Lawn Care in Louisville, KY. For 46 years and counting, the locally and family owned Farison Lawn Care business has been proud to provide the highest level of service to our wonderful customers. Since 1971, our goal has always been to treat each client with respect and to care for every yard with the utmost professionalism. Our level of experience has allowed us to design premium lawn care programs that yield the highest results.

We know that every homeowner wants a lush lawn and beautiful greenery to enjoy for themselves and to show off to their friends and neighbors. We are aware that every yard has different service needs for optimal growth and enjoyment year after year. Trust the experts at Farison for the best lawn care in Louisville.

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What We Do

Our residential customers can take advantage of the wide array of premium lawn care services that Farison Lawn Care offers, including:

Need a service you don’t see here?

Call our friendly experts for a complimentary estimate. We’ll inspect your grass, trees, and shrubs to check for any damaging diseases or insect infestations and provide a comprehensive analysis of your yard’s condition. We offer lawn, tree, and shrub care options for every budget and need.

Innovators In Pesticides

Sam and Dan Farison are experts in liberating your grass, trees, and shrubs of damaging pests that can harm and kill your greenery.  They felt there was a need for a standardized license in the state of Kentucky and worked with a variety of specialists to help create a guideline for pesticide licensing to ensure the safety of every homeowner and their families in our region.

Give the professionals at Farison Lawn Care a call today for a free and friendly estimate.

The Farison Lawn Care Guarantee

All of our professional lawn treatment programs come with free service calls and estimates.  We use the highest quality lawn and plant care products, and our fertilizer and spray programs are completely guaranteed.

Did weeds grow back after we applied a post-emergent weed control treatment? We’ll be happy to come back and reapply.  Perhaps there are still bugs and pests infesting your trees, if so please let us know, and we will spray again.

Farison Lawn Care has the highest regard for all of our customers in the Louisville, KY area and we want you to be delighted with all the services we provide.

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