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At Farison Lawn Care in Louisville, KY we know every homeowner has different lawn and landscaping needs. Our experienced staff has managed and maintained a wide variety of yards in our area. Some yards require additional treatments beyond fertilization and weed control; that’s why we believe in a customized approach for each customer. Whatever your specific lawn, tree, and shrub care needs are, call the pros at Farison Lawn Care for a free estimate and plan for a luscious lawn and beautiful trees and shrubs you’ll be proud to show off and will enjoy for many years.

Additional Lawn and Landscaping Services

Bermudagrass Elimination:

Bermudagrass can contaminate your lawn and prevent healthy grass from growing. A prevalent problem in the Louisville, KY area, the experts at Farison Lawn Care will create a plan that will eliminate bermudagrass from your lawn, leaving only lush and green grass behind.

Grub Control:

Our experts apply an application in the Summer that will prevent damage from these destructive pests.

Fungicide Plans:

We’ll get rid of any diseases that may appear on your grass, tree, and shrubs for healthy and vibrant growth.

Fall Aeration, Overseeding and Renovation Program:

Our professional lawn care team knows the optimal time to aerate and overseed in the Louisville, KY area is in the fall. If you have unsightly bare spots and desire a thicker and healthier lawn, these services will provide the beautiful results you want.

Poison Ivy Control:

Do you know anyone else in the region that will rid your property of poison ivy? The experts at Farison Lawn Care will assess your poison ivy problem and create the best elimination plan to keep your family safe from the dangers of poison ivy.

Have an issue with your lawn or greenery that is not listed here?

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