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August 17, 2020 | Weed Bed Control | Kylie Kelty

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With the fall weather being near, it doesn’t mean you need to give up all hopes of your garden looking attractive for the season. There’s still time to make sure that your garden is giving off the vibes you want and, even more importantly, that it is healthy enough to withstand the winter and come back even better in the warm months to come.

Your landscaping can say a lot about you and your family, why not make a good impression every time someone passes your home or walks up to your drive? 


Benefits of Bed Weed Control

Although weeding can lead to a more beautiful and put together looking lawn and garden, weed control is not purely for aesthetic purposes. Weeds will suck the nutrients right out from under your plants, trees, and flowers. Even the extra fertilizer and watering you take care of will be taken from your flowers when weeds take over your garden. 

Some benefits of treating your garden for bed weeds include:

  • Creating more space for your intentional flowers to grow and thrive. 
  • Allowing your soil to be undisturbed for a longer period of time, which will let your plants absorb more nutrients. 
  • Minimizes the germination of weeds in the first place.
  • Creating a space that allows you to view and enjoy your incredible garden. 

With bed weed control, your garden will be up to a whole new level! 


Landscape Doesn’t Stop At Your Garden

A full, complete, and healthy landscape won’t start and end with your garden. Something that will help will include lawn care, tree care, pest control, and more. So, to create an outdoor space that will make your neighbors jealous, you will have to focus on your lawn’s health before fall comes as well.


Calling Farison Lawn Care to Keep Up With Your Landscape For Fall!

The experts at Farison will be able to ensure that your lawn and landscaping are well kept and ready to withstand the harsh winter weather that could be awaiting. Why take time out of your day to worry about it when our seasoned and trained professionals can ensure that it gets done and done right! 

Our clients can call Farison Lawn Care at (502) 245-9422 or reach out to us via our contact form found here. You can also keep up with our work on our social media accounts like our Facebook timeline, Instagram feed, or our Youtube Channel


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