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October 19, 2020 | Tree & Shrub Care | Kylie Kelty

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Although here in Kentucky we generally experience good weather patterns, we still have those pesky cold months that always put a damper on our plants and greenery. For gardens, this isn’t an issue. Garden plants are meant to go through a life and death cycle every season. However, for trees and shrubs, that isn’t the case at all. These types of plants actually need particular care in cooler months to prevent them from dying.

Winter and cool-season weather can put more than a little bit of stress on your greenery. By preparing for the arrival of the less than optimal weather, you can do your trees and shrubs a great service in the long run. Keeping them healthy and happy throughout the entire year is what will make them really thrive during the warm-season.

Here are two steps you can take to ensure your trees are healthier in the long run:

Deep-Root Fertilization

In laymen’s terms, it’s the act of injecting fertilizer directly into the roots of the trees or shrubs. However, there is much more of a science to it than that. The injections are applied about 14 inches down into the soil in a grid-like pattern. The grid pattern allows for complete coverage of the soil for optimal nutrition.

The main reason for getting deep-root fertilization is due to the lack of natural nutrition that trees and shrubs receive during the winter season. Additionally, the nutrients that the greenery does receive isn’t necessarily even penetrating the soil due to cold grounds.

Protect Your Trees from Freeze

This step sounds a little like throwing a jacket on a young child before they run outside. The greenery that is younger is highly susceptible to freeze. Trees or shrubs that have already been subject to health issues will struggle as well. To protect them, using a burlap tarp is highly recommended. If you have any smaller trees that are still in portable pots, taking them inside is always a good idea. If they can last in the pot for a few more months, they will be much happier and safer inside.

Think About Farison Lawn Care for Your Winter Tree and Shrub Needs This Season!

The professionals at Farison Lawn Care will be able to provide excellent service so that your trees and shrubs are well-taken care of and ready to persevere through the harsh winter weather that could be awaiting. Our trained service professionals are happy to take on the work of deep-root fertilization and dormant oil applications so that you won’t have to worry about it yourself! So give us a call today and forget about the stress!

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