Premium Lawn Care in Louisville With Premium Results

Your home’s landscaping is a reflection of you, and what better way to showcase what you have to offer than with a lush, green space that is in exceptional health from the roots to the stems all year long?

That’s exactly what you get with Farison Lawn Care. Our lawn care experts enrich and maintain your grass to enhance your curb appeal and give you and your family an inviting space to toss around the Frisbee, entertain guests or even enjoy a picnic.

The Farison Lawn Care Program is designed to nourish your turf, eliminate unsightly weeds and enhance the look of your home’s exterior. We have the expertise and experience to create the best environment for plush, healthy, and weed free lawns across the Louisville, Kentucky area and neighboring areas, such as Mt. Washington, La Grange, Prospect, and Goshen.

Want to know how? Keep reading to find out more.

The Lawn Care You Deserve

At Farison Lawn Care, we know every homeowner craves a gorgeous green and weed-free lawn that’s the envy of your neighbors. Our experts will work hard to make sure your lawn always looks its best.

The Farison Lawn Care Program is designed to properly nourish your turf all season and eliminate intrusive and unsightly weeds. With our experience tending to lawns all across the Louisville, KY area, we have the expertise to create the best environment for a plush, healthy, and weed-free lawn.

The Farison Lawn Care Program

A healthy, green lawn with steady growth and the absence of weeds is something you deserve to enjoy. Here’s how we make it happen.

The experienced professionals from Farison Lawn Care offer six professionally applied applications for our annual customers.*

The Six-Step Treatment Plan includes:

  • Two lawn care applications in the Spring
  • Two lawn care applications in the Summer
  • Two lawn care applications in the Fall
  • Free service calls within 30 days of application if necessary

*Note that Aeration and Overseeding services are for annual customers. Space is limited and
new customers are serviced as first come, first served.

Dry Fertilization
A premium service available for customers of Farison Lawn Care includes:

  • Treatments with only the highest quality products
  • Granular treatments for lush green spaces

Weed Control
A 5-Step Program for our valued clients, involves both pre-emergent and post-emergent chemical appllications. The pre-emergent treatment features treating with granules for best results. This comprehensive service includes two spring, two summer and one fall application.

The Farison Lawn Care Program includes pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass and post-emergent weed control for broadleaf weeds like dandelions.

New Customers are Welcome

A highly trained and friendly professional from the Farison Lawn Care staff will be delighted to give you a free lawn care estimate over the phone. We use a measurement assistant that allows us to give you a competitive and fair quote in less than 24 hours. Plus, we’ve been providing lawn care in Louisville, KY since 1971, so there is a chance we service your neighbors and know the needs of lawns in your area.

We can schedule your first application of The Farison Lawn Care Program within one business week.

The Farison Lawn Care Program Guarantee

The experienced pros at Farison Lawn Care feel you need at least two weeks to notice the effects of The Farison Lawn Care Program. However, if unsightly weeds still crop up and ruin the look of your lawn, we’ll be happy to come out and reapply the application for free. Your satisfaction is our number one concern, so give us a call if you aren’t completely pleased with the results.

Also, co-founder Dan Farison would be delighted to come out and perform an onsite consultation for free. With our years of experience providing Kentucky lawn care services, Dan knows how to care for the lawns in our area to bring out the very best in each yard. Imagine having that kind of lawn care experience at your disposal at no extra charge! Call the experts at Farison Lawn Care today.

Fall Lawn Aeration, Overseeding, & Renovation Program

Our professional lawn care team knows the optimal time to aerate and overseed in the Louisville, KY area is in the fall. If you have unsightly bare spots and desire a thicker and healthier lawn, these services will provide the beautiful results you want.

Bermudagrass Elimination

Bermudagrass can contaminate your lawn and prevent healthy grass from growing. A prevalent problem in the Louisville, KY area, the experts at Farison Lawn Care will create a plan that will eliminate bermudagrass from your lawn, leaving only lush and green grass behind.

Poison Ivy Control

Do you know anyone else in the region that will rid your property of poison ivy? The experts at Farison Lawn Care will assess your poison ivy problem and create the best elimination plan to keep your family safe from the dangers of poison ivy.

A Comprehensive Approach to Lawn Care

Imagine this:
Pulling into your driveway to see a lush green lawn with colorful flower beds and absolutely no existence of unsightly weeds. You don’t have to imagine the beauty when Farison Lawn Care can make it a reality.

There’s a right and a wrong way to care for your green space and we have the know-how and the means to offer the nourishment your lawn needs.

Here’s the Bottom Line:
Farison Lawn Care employs experts who know the ins and outs of lawn care and pest control. This expertise translates to premium customer service, a lush, green lawn and the satisfaction of surrounding your home or business with a healthy lawn.

Give us a call at (502) 245-9422 to learn more about our services that range from tree and shrub care to mosquito, flea and tick control.

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