Seasonally-Adjusted Fertilizer: The Key to a Healthy Lawn All Year-Round

September 1, 2023 | Fertilizers | Kylie Kelty

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As homeowners, we all want a lush, green lawn that makes our property look beautiful and inviting. One of the key factors in achieving this is lawn fertilization. But did you know that the type and timing of fertilizer application can vary depending on the season? This is where seasonally-adjusted fertilizer comes in.

Seasonally-adjusted fertilizer is an essential component of a comprehensive lawn care program. Fertilizing your lawn is critical to maintaining its health and promoting its growth. However, applying the same type of fertilizer at the same rate throughout the year may not provide the best results.

Seasonally-adjusted fertilizers are specially formulated to meet the needs of your lawn at different times of the year. Different seasons bring different challenges for your lawn. 

At Farison Lawn Care, we understand the importance of proper lawn fertilization. That’s why we offer a comprehensive lawn care program that includes seasonally-adjusted fertilization. Here’s what you need to know:

Spring Fertilization:

As the weather starts to warm up and your grass begins to grow again, it’s important to give it a boost of nitrogen to promote healthy growth. A spring fertilizer application will help your lawn recover from winter dormancy and prepare it for the growing season ahead.

Summer Fertilization:

In the hot summer months, your lawn needs a different type of fertilizer to withstand the heat and dry conditions. A fertilizer with a higher potassium content can help your grass retain moisture and stay healthy during the summer months.

Fall and Winter Fertilization:

As the weather starts to cool down and your grass begins to slow its growth, it’s important to give it one last feeding before winter sets in. Late fall and winter dormant fertilization helps stimulate root growth during the cold winter months. Although grass doesn’t grow much during the winter months, it still needs nutrients to survive. A winter fertilizer application can help your lawn stay healthy and green during the dormant season.

By using seasonally-adjusted fertilizers, you can ensure that your lawn is getting the right nutrients at the right time, leading to a healthier, greener lawn. Additionally, using the appropriate fertilizer at the right time can reduce the amount of fertilizer needed and minimize the risk of over-fertilization which can damage your lawn, leading to brown patches, weak roots, and increased susceptibility to pests and diseases.

Overall, seasonally-adjusted fertilizers are an affordable lawn care solution that provides significant benefits to your lawn. They can help promote healthy growth, increase the resilience of your lawn, and minimize the risk of damage from over-fertilization. With the help of a professional lawn care service, you can create a customized fertilization plan that is tailored to your lawn’s specific needs. Contact us at (502) 245-9422 to join our lawn care program.

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