Tree and Shrub Care to Maximize Your Curb Appeal

We get that it takes more than weed control applications and lawn fertilization to maximize the green space of your home. In fact, the experts at Farison Lawn Care in Louisville, Kentucky, take lawn care to a higher level when it comes to adding nourishment and eliminating harmful agents that can impact your trees and shrubs.

It’s all about optimal growth and health.

If you’re not sure how to keep your trees and shrubs, it’s time to contact Farison Lawn Care. For years, our tree and shrub care professionals have cultivated flowering and nonflowering outdoor plants in Louisville, La Grange, Prospect, Goshen, Mt. Washington and surrounding areas for home and business owners.

Ready to learn more about adding beauty to your outdoor space?

Get the Beautiful Green Space You Deserve

Your greenery needs fertilization and treatments for optimal growth and health. That’s why we offer a comprehensive tree and shrub care program.

What’s Included?

The Farison Lawn Care Tree and Shrub Care Program Includes:

  • Free Tree and Shrub Inspection
  • Tree and Shrub Deep Root Fertilization
  • Disease Control
  • Insect Control
  • Dormant Oil Treatments

The free tree and shrub inspection is conducted by a member of the experienced staff at Farison Lawn Care to uncover any damage or risks to your greenery’s growth. Depending upon the results of the inspection, Farison Lawn Care experts will then devise a fertilization plan that may include an annual deep root fertilization.

Warding Off Tree and Shrub Disease Right Away

Unfortunately, a variety of tree and shrub diseases can stunt the growth of your landscaping and ultimately, affect the beauty of your outdoor space.

What Can You Do?

It’s not just ‘what can you do?’ It’s more about how can Farison Lawn Care help. Our professionals are highly experienced in diagnosing the variety of tree and shrub diseases that are prominent in the Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. We assess your trees and shrubs, compile a diagnosis and then create a disease control plan designed to prevent damage to your beautiful greenery.

What About Insect Control?

If shrub and tree bugs are invading your green spaces, it’s possible an insect infestation has taken over. Any insect attacking your roses, burning bushes, trees, and more could be detrimental to the health of your plants. The landscape experts at Farison Lawn Care will create the perfect chemical solution to rid your trees and shrubs of harmful pests like mites, Japanese beetles, June bugs, bagworms and more.

And there’s more.

Farison Lawn Care also specializes in dormant oil treatments to eliminate pests that damage and infest fruit trees.


Enjoy Your Yard Now – Not Later

A healthy lawn is a big plus, but nourishing your grass and treating for Bermuda grass is not the only element of beautifying your green space. At Farison Lawn Care, we know your tree and shrub care needs are different from your neighbors. That’s why we offer a variety of tree and shrub care plans that you can pick and choose, so you receive the service that will create and maintain healthy and sustainable greenery.

Call our experts today to set up a free tree and shrub assessment.

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