Tree & Shrub Care

A Beautiful Backyard is More than Just Your Lawn

The professionals at Farison Lawn Care in Louisville, KY know it takes more than lawn fertilization and weed control applications to create the beautiful yard you want for relaxation and entertainment. The addition of healthy trees and shrubs enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your outdoor space. Your greenery needs fertilization and treatments for optimal growth and health.

Not sure how to care for your flowering and nonflowering shrubs and trees? Call the experts at Farison Lawn Care. For years our tree and shrub care professionals have been carefully cultivating outdoor plants in the Louisville, KY area and are highly knowledgeable about the needs of landscaped plants in our region.

The Farison Lawn Care Tree And Shrub Care Program Includes:

Free Tree & Shrub Inspection

A member of our experienced and courteous staff will inspect your yard and provide an estimate on a customized plan designed to increase your tree and shrub growth. You can pick and choose the services you feel work best for your landscaping needs and budget.

Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilization

Depending on what we assess to be the best, the Farison Lawn Care experts will create a tree and shrub fertilizer plan designed to maximize your greenery’s growth, including an annual deep root fertilization program.

Disease Control

Our professionals are highly experienced in diagnosing the variety of tree and shrub diseases that are prominent in the Louisville, KY area. Let the experts at Farison Lawn Care assess your trees and shrubs for a diagnosis and create a disease control plan designed to prevent damage to your beautiful greenery.

Insect Control

Have you noticed any tree and shrub bugs lurking around? It’s possible you have an insect infestation. Any insect attacking your roses, burning bushes, trees, and more could be detrimental to the health of your plants. The landscape experts at Farison Lawn Care will create the perfect chemical solution to rid your trees and shrubs of harmful pests like mites, Japanese beetles, June bugs, bagworms, and more.

Dormant Oil Treatments

These treatments are used to eliminate pests that infest and damage fruit trees. A Farison Lawn Care specialist will access your issue and create a specialized treatment plan.

Enjoying Your Yard is an Easy Choice – So is Picking the Right Services for You

A beautiful backyard doesn’t just consist of a healthy lawn. Vibrant greenery is a crucial part of a visually stunning yard. At Farison Lawn Care, we know your tree and shrub care needs are different from your neighbors. That’s why we offer a variety of tree and shrub care plans that you can pick and choose, so you receive the service that will create and maintain healthy and sustainable greenery. Call our experts today to set up a free tree and shrub assessment.

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