Controlling Mosquitoes With Farison

April 3, 2023 | Insect Control | Kylie Kelty

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We all know that mosquitoes are one of the biggest irritants that come with summer. These pesky insects sneak up on you with their high-pitched buzzing, bite before you can stop them, and worst of all, leave behind a red, itching lump on your skin that only gets worse if you scratch. If you don’t do something fast, these insects could easily take over your lawn, making your enjoyable summer nights more of a hassle than anything else.


Mosquitoes can be more than just annoying. Their bites can cause some serious problems for both humans and animals, such as:

  • Allergic reactions 
  • Decreased milk production in cows
  • Increased disease transmission.


To properly reduce these pests, you should hire a professional service such as Farison Lawn Care. Farison is a family-owned, professional lawn care service that has more than 45 years of experience and offers affordable services. When you hire our professionals for mosquito control, here’s what you can expect:



We’ll go through your lawn and pinpoint breeding and infestation areas, which include trees, tall grasses, leaf piles, shrubs, and areas with stagnant water. After this, we’ll devise a detailed treatment plan, working directly with you to work out a convenient schedule.


Using our high-efficiency sprayers and special solutions, we’ll go through your lawn and effectively treat every inch of the mosquitoes’ hiding places, ensuring proper coverage. It’s as simple as arrive, scout, and spray.


To ensure that those pests are consistently taken care of, we’ll conduct follow-ups to address any issues with your mosquito control. Since mosquitoes breed continually, we will need to routinely return and treat to ensure that your lawn stays under control.

Your lawn should be a pleasant, safe place for you and your family, and mosquitoes make that almost impossible. With Farison Lawn Care, you can take back those summer nights and enjoy them again. If you’re searching for the best mosquito treatment for your lawn, call us today at (502) 245-9422!

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