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January 25, 2021 | Fertilizers | Kylie Kelty

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Your grass is the pride and joy of your landscape. The key to keeping it healthy is to make sure it is getting the proper nutrients. Many people know that it’s important to fertilize your lawn but they don’t know the why, how, or when. Every yard is different which means that just any generic fertilizer isn’t going to work. Fertilizing is a science and in order to achieve the best results from your fertilizers you need to know what is going on inside your soil.

What’s In Your Soil?

A healthy lawn depends on healthy soil. Your grass and other plants draw the nutrients they need from the soil. When soil nutrients are out of balance it can affect the way your grass grows and the effectiveness of fertilizers. Over time, the nutrients in the soil are used up and are not replaced. This can cause your grass to look weak and unhealthy. Using the proper fertilizer can help replenish important nutrients in your soil giving your grass a healthy base.

Choosing A Fertilizer

When shopping for the right fertilizer you will notice that each package has the letters NPK followed by a number. This N-P-K value represents the Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) contents of the fertilizer. 


  • Promotes growth
  • Nitrogen deficiency results in a yellow-green color and little or no growth
  • Produces lush, tender, green leaves


  • Focuses on root growth
  • Causes plants to mature quicker
  • Promotes flower, fruit, seed development
  • Stays in the soil for a long time
  • Lack of phosphorus results in slow or stunted growth


  • Makes plants more tolerant to the cold and diseases
  • Assists  photosynthesis
  • Lack of potassium can lead to weak stems and slow growth

The Farison Lawn Care Program

At Farison Lawn Care we have over 50 years of experience caring for the lawns of Louisville, Kentucky. We know what works and we know what doesn’t. Over the years we have crafted and honed our fertilization program to be the best of the best. You deserve a green lawn that you can enjoy any time of the year and not have to worry about weeds.

Our Six-Step Treatment Plan includes:

  • Two applications in the Spring
  • Two applications in the Summer
  • Two applications in the Fall

Weed Control

A healthy lawn is a weed-free lawn. Our five-step weed control program includes pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to control crabgrass, dandelions, and other broadleaf weeds. Pre-emergents are applied in the spring to prevent seeds from sprouting that were deposited in the fall. Post-emergent applications are done after weeds have emerged and have established themselves in your lawn.

Hire The Professionals at Farison Lawn Care

At Farison Lawn Care we know your lawn isn’t like your neighbors. We have five decades of experience fertilizing the lawns of our community. We provide top-notch service to our customers which keeps them coming back year after year. If you want a beautiful Kentucky lawn this year, then call the experts at Farison Lawn Care at (502) 245-9422 or request more information on our site.

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