Aeration, Overseeding, Or Power Seeding, Which One is Right For Your Lawn

September 20, 2021 | Seeding | Kylie Kelty

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Summers can take a toll on our Indiana and Kentucky lawns. High temperatures, dry spells, excessive use, and lawn equipment can all cause a fatigued-looking turf, including bare spots and thinning grass. The good news is that rejuvenating your lawn and restoring its health is possible. Fall is the perfect time to revitalize your lawn with aeration and overseeding or power seeding. But if you’re not familiar with the three of these lawn techniques, how do you choose? Let’s talk about all three, discover what each one is, their benefits and which one is right for your yard.


Aeration is a lawn practice all businesses and homeowners should adopt in Kentucky. Our Crider soil often becomes compacted, and our Kentucky lawns need breathing room. Aeration is the process of mechanically pulling plugs of turf from the ground. The cores that are used are removed, revealing a cork-sized hole that will eventually decompose back into your grass. This process allows air, sunlight, water, and other essential nutrients to penetrate deep into your soil’s roots, giving them what they need to grow healthy and strong. Aeration also helps to break up any thatch or clumps of intermingled living matter that accumulate on the top surface of your soil.

Many lawn companies now offer liquid aeration along with mechanical aeration.  Liquid aeration utilizes a special spray that contains nutrients that encourage your lawn’s own microbial ecosystem.

There are many benefits of performing aeration. We recommend having your Kentucky or Indiana turf aerated every other year to help decompose thatch and keep your lawn fresh and revitalized.

Benefits of aerating your lawn include: 

  • Deeper, stronger root growth
  • Thicker, healthier grass
  • Grass grows much easier
  • Fills in bald and thin patches in your yard
  • Reduces water runoff
  • A healthier, more substantial yard


After your lawn has been aerated, it is primed and ready for seeding. Overseeding is introducing new types of grass seed to the existing turf with other grass strains. Overseeding helps to fill in thin patches of your lawn, boots its resistance to pests, diseases, and drought while further enhancing the overall density, thickness, and health of your grass. Overseeding brings with it a host of benefits, including:

Power Seeding

Power seeding is exactly what its name states, a way to power seed your lawn. Using specialized lawn equipment with sharp blades to cut through your lawn, power seeding places seeds directly into your soil without damaging your existing grass. Doing this allows the grass seed to drop below the ground’s surface increasing the chances of seed germination. Like aeration, it is perfect for breaking through thick layers of dead grass, old roots, and other compacted organic matter.

Benefits of Power Seeding
Power seeding is efficient and fast. It delivers more timely results in terms of germination and new grass growth. There is less labor involved as with traditional overseeding, and it uses less grass seed. Other advantages of using power seeding include:

  • Higher germination rate
  • Thicker, healthier results
  • Minimization of damage to your lawn’s existing turf
  • Less waste. More seed to germination occurs
  • Grass seed doesn’t die in the winter frost due to being spread on top of the dirt

Which One Should I Choose for My Kentucky or Indiana Lawn, Aeration, Overseeding, Or Power Seeding?

All three are useful techniques for obtaining that healthy, lush, thick lawn every home or business owner desires. Power seeding is about planting new grass seed for the fastest, most thorough growth of fresh grass. Aeration, on the other hand, addresses a different issue, creating healthier soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to permeate your grassroots. If your turf is in decent shape and just needs a boost, aeration accompanied by overseeding is probably your best option. At Farison Lawn Care, we recommend having aeration performed once every two years as part of your regular lawn routine regardless to help obtain a beautiful, lush lawn.

However, if your existing lawn is patchy, with lots of thin areas, and appears beyond just summer fatigued, it is best to utilize power seeding. We also recommend combining all three, utilizing aeration and overseeding for your overall lawn, and power seeding for the more targeted areas that continually struggle to grow grass.

When is the Best Time to Have Aeration, Overseeding, and Power Seeding Performed?

Late August through fall is the prime time to perform aeration, overseeding, and power seeding services in Kentucky and Indiana. The cooler nighttime temperatures and increased moisture will help your soil better absorb the nutrients pushed through by aeration and the new seeds distributed by overseeding.

For All Three Services, Contact the Professionals at Farison Lawn Care

At Farison Lawn Care, we provide lawn renovation services of all sorts including aeration, overseeding, and power seeding. Not sure if overseeding or power seeding is right for you? We have the answers. Call us, and we can assess your lawn and determine the appropriate solution.

We have the expertise and experience to create the best environment for plush, healthy, and weed-free lawns across the Louisville, Kentucky area and neighboring areas, such as Mt. Washington, La Grange, Prospect, and Goshen.

Contact us now to learn more about all three of these services and the other lawn care services we offer. Fill out our online contact us form or give us a call at 1-502-245-9422.

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