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August 23, 2021 | Lawn Care Management | Kylie Kelty

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Here in the Louisville area, we have our traditions, including bourbon and whiskey, black-eyed peas and cabbage, colorful derby hats, and watching college football. Like every state, we have unique foods, beverages, and customs relative to the residents that live here. The same can be said for our landscapes. Kentuckians are proud of their lawns and work hard to keep up their appearance. Today, Farison Lawn Care shares with you some of the best Kentucky customs that can help you keep up your lawn and maintain that perfect, vibrant, lush turf.


The best thing you alone can do for your grass is to mow it properly. Improperly cut grass can not only use up to 20% more water but cause a significant drop in turf quality. How do you properly mow your Louisville area lawn? You can start with keeping your blades sharp. Using a sharp edge will help protect your grass against disease and minimize stress created during hot temperatures. 

Mow your lawn to the correct height. At Farison, we recommend mowing your grass to three inches in height. And always follow the ⅓ rule. Never cut off more than ⅓ of your grass blade during one mowing as it can stress out your turf. It’s better to mow more frequently than to cut too short at one time. 


Fertilizing the lawn is an essential step in every lawn care plan. Whether it be fertilizing in the spring, summer, or fall, it’s important to provide the grass with the specific nutrients needed to grow and stay healthy. While specific mixtures of fertilizers may differ depending on the time of year, all complete fertilizers contain the same three essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Investing in lawn fertilization services with a lawn care company such as Farison Lawn Care is a great way to ensure you receive the appropriate amount and proper levels your grass needs. 

Weed Control

No matter how hard we try and how well we maintain our turf, weeds creep up out of nowhere and invade our lawn. There are many varieties of weeds, each with its own growth cycle that can begin at different times of the year, just like your grass. This makes weed control a year-round task. The best way to control weeds is to start early in the spring using a pre-emergent for crabgrass. Preventing crabgrass from germinating is essential. Then, as the season continues, following up with a post-emergent is necessary to keep broadleaf weeds under control.

Regrowth of broadleaf weeds is normal and expected. Our broadleaf weed control comes with a 30-day warranty to help maintain regrowth that may occur. Please call the office if weeds become a problem.


During the summer, it’s important to maintain a proper irrigation schedule. Fertilizing your lawn provides your lawn with the boost it needs to remain healthy. Weed control allows your grass to grow without being overcrowded by broadleaf weeds. Your irrigation system enables your grass to stay hydrated enough to be protected from heat and drought stress. 

We recommend watering two to three mornings a week with the goal of a half-inch per watering.

Lawn Surface Pest Control

Lawn insects such as grubs are hungry and looking for their next meal. It’s important not to allow your grass to become their next feast. The best way to prevent these critters from destroying your turf is to maintain the healthiest lawn you can. A healthy, robust yard will be better able to ward off a pest infestation. When lawn surface insects become a problem, investing in Grub Control, like the program we offer at Farison Lawn Care, is your best option.

Get the Best Lawn Care Service Louisville Has to Offer With Farison Lawn Care

At Farison Lawn Care, we provide the best lawn care Louisville has to offer. Following Kentucky lawn practices, we provide a variety of the above services, including our Six-Step Lawn Care Program that provides your lawn with six different fertilization applications, weed control, and more for the health and vitality of your grass.

Our Five-Step Weed Control Program includes the needed pre and post-emergent for crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds for both your lawn and landscaping beds. Lawn surface pests are also no longer an issue when you invest in Farison. We offer a Grub Control Program that will prevent and have these tiny creatures packing.

Farison Lawn Care understands Louisville lawns, our local climate, types of grasses grown in our area, the weeds and pests that invade our space, and how to manage and create lush, green lawns effectively. Contact us today via our online contact form or by phone at 502-245-9422.

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